Christian Progressive College – Umdantso Feat. CPC Stars, Tshiamo, Babyface Womdantso, Sphocky & Kortes

Renowned artist Christian Progressive College has released an enchanting new single titled ‘Umdantso,’ which showcases the talents of the CPC Stars. This fresh offering for Amapiano fans encapsulates the rhythmic and melodic richness that defines the genre. ‘Umdantso’ draws from Central African rhythmic patterns and West African percussive influences, creating a captivating musical experience that is both modern and deeply rooted in African traditions.

The six-minute-long track is a testament to the evolving landscape of African music. It masterfully blends traditional African sounds with contemporary influences, resulting in a vibrant, lively tempo that is both addictive and engaging. The song’s production quality is evident, with each beat and melody meticulously crafted to create an entrancing sonic journey.

A Seamless Fusion of Old and New

‘Umdantso’ is more than just a song; it is a musical narrative that seamlessly fuses authentic African rhythms with modern instrumentation. This fusion creates a dynamic soundscape that propels listeners into an enchanting auditory experience. The track highlights the artistic prowess of Christian Progressive College and the CPC Stars, reinforcing their status as influential figures in the burgeoning Amapiano scene.

The charm of ‘Umdantso’ lies in its ability to integrate various musical elements into a cohesive and captivating whole. The track features robust percussion, smooth melodies, and an infectious rhythm that make it a standout addition to any playlist. This fresh sound has quickly gained traction online, with numerous positive reviews praising its catchy beats and soothing harmonies.

Creative Team Behind ‘Umdantso’

The creation of ‘Umdantso’ involved a talented team of artists and producers. The single was produced by Smoshe De Que and Pretty Blvck, who have expertly woven together traditional and contemporary elements to create a track that is both innovative and deeply rooted in African musical heritage. The official music video, directed by Sir Focal of Focal Production Official, further brings the song to life with visually stunning choreography and production.

The music video features performances by Tshiamo, Babyface Womdantso, Sphocky, and Kortes, with choreography by Bhathistar Black and Tlhogi Molefi. The dancers, known as the CPC Stars, bring energy and vibrancy to the video, enhancing the overall appeal of the song. The video was produced by P-studios and Christian Progressive College, with Boithatelo Nketsi and Superstar Dan serving as production coordinators.

A Movement in Amapiano Music

‘Umdantso’ exemplifies the evolution of Amapiano music, reflecting a rich tapestry of African musical heritage intertwined with contemporary tastes. This track is a significant contribution to the genre, showcasing the collective creativity of Christian Progressive College and the CPC Stars. Their innovative approach to music production and performance has set a new standard in the industry.

The song has quickly become a favorite among Amapiano enthusiasts, earning acclaim for its unique sound and engaging composition. The positive reception of ‘Umdantso’ underscores the growing popularity of Amapiano music and the significant role that artists like Christian Progressive College play in its development.

Event Details and Availability

The official music video for ‘Umdantso’ was filmed at 012 Central, a venue that perfectly complements the song’s dynamic energy. The production was powered by P-studios and Christian Progressive College, ensuring high-quality visuals and sound. The video features additional contributions from Lucky Visualz as the assistant director, Tar Sbwl as the runner, and Songo Noganta providing behind-the-scenes coverage. The video was edited and graded by Sir Focal, adding a polished finish to the final product.

‘Umdantso’ was released on May 7, 2024, and is available for streaming and download on various platforms. The single is part of Christian Progressive College’s ongoing efforts to push the boundaries of Amapiano music and create innovative, engaging content for their fans.


Christian Progressive College’s ‘Umdantso’ featuring the CPC Stars is a testament to the rich musical heritage of Africa and the innovative spirit of contemporary artists. The track’s seamless blend of traditional rhythms and modern beats has captivated audiences and solidified the group’s position as pioneers in the Amapiano genre. ‘Umdantso’ is an essential addition to the playlists of Amapiano lovers everywhere, offering a vibrant and engaging listening experience that celebrates the best of African music.

Umdantso (feat. Cpc stars) – Single

Artist: Christian Progressive College
Genre: Amapiano
Release Date: May 7, 2024
Track Count: 1
Explicitness: notExplicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 5344722 Records DK


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Umdantso (feat. Cpc stars) Christian Progressive College 6:00 Released


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