CKay – Wahala ft. Olamide

CKay and Olamide Release Highly Anticipated Single 'Wahala'

Nigerian music sensation CKay has teamed up with veteran rapper Olamide to release their new single, “Wahala.” This collaboration, which dropped on May 2024, has already started gaining significant attention across various streaming platforms.

Song Details and Theme

“Wahala” showcases CKay’s signature “emo Afrobeat” style, blending heartfelt lyrics with infectious rhythms. The track explores themes of intense attraction and the complexities that come with it. CKay sings about his fascination with a love interest, describing her as having an innocent face but suggesting she might bring trouble. His smooth vocals are complemented by Olamide’s dynamic performance, which seamlessly transitions between singing and rapping, adding depth to the narrative​.

Production and Musicality

The song is co-produced by BMH and Moonesawmy Devadasen, featuring a compelling blend of Afrobeat rhythms and contemporary beats. The infectious energy of “Wahala” is underpinned by a Spanish guitar melody, which enhances its appeal. Both CKay and Olamide deliver stellar performances, with CKay’s emotive delivery and Olamide’s sharp lyrical prowess creating a memorable track​.

Previous Collaborations and Reception

This is not the first collaboration between CKay and Olamide. They previously worked together on “Trumpet,” a track from Olamide’s tenth studio album “Unruly.” Their synergy on “Wahala” further solidifies their chemistry, making it a potential hit in the Afrobeat scene. The single has been well-received by fans and critics alike, praised for its catchy melodies and relatable lyrics.

Streaming and Availability

“Wahala” is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. The official lyric video has also been released, adding a visual element to the engaging track. This release continues CKay’s trajectory as a leading figure in Afrobeat music, following the massive success of his previous hit “Love Nwantiti”​.

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