Claudio x Kenza Deliver “Pot of Gold” With Omi Kobi

Claudio and Kenza deliver “Pot of Gold With Omi Kobi, and we’re keen you should have a share of it. Come on.

“Pot Of Gold” is not exactly a new release, having popped online about two months earlier. But then, true to its title (read as true to the value of the metal gold), the song retains its charms months after.

You aren’t going to be rich in the bank by having this song on your playlist, but rest assured that your spirit will be rich for it. Now that’s something to experience, right?

Claudio and Kenza popped on the music scene in South Africa just recently, signees to Sun-El Musician’s El World Music record label. But they have so charmed the Rainbow Nation with their singing that their names pop just about anywhere good music is discussed in Mzansi.

Their musical goodness is right on a platter before you, in the song “Pot Of Gold,” featuring Omi Kobi. Wouldn’t you rather snap it up?

Well, how would you rate “Pot Of Gold” by the troika of Claudio and Kenza and Omi Kobi? We invite you stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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