CoolKiid Da Vocalist & Tyler ICU – Ingilosi

It’s Monday, a day most 9-5 horses may not consider cool, but with a new jam from CoolKiid Da Vocalist and Tyler ICU wafting from the speakers, we doubt peeps would be complaining.

Welcome to the world of their collaborative “Ingilosi,” which you can stream here on UbeToo.

Known simply as CoolKiid, this songster has shown himself to be all shades o cool with his music. Paired with another fine voice in South African music, the result is a number that should get you vibing in no time.

It is all the more interesting in that both artists are not on record to be serial collaborators, nor have they been known to have extensive studio sessions. But that’s by the way.

What’s important is that they bring with them a winning tune that just about any music lover out there should be interested in. so it is not particularly important whether you’re a rap nut or a house fanatic. If you should open your mind to this jam, we wager you should find something to like about it.

While many are liable to complain about the new weak and ultimately end up a prisoner to boredom, you have a chance to embrace the invigorating. This number.

CoolKiid Da Vocalist & Tyler ICU – Ingilosi

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