Costa Titch releases “Phezulu”

Costa Titch drops new song "Phezulu"

Costa Titch comes through with a brand new song titled “Phezulu“.

Literally everyone in Mzansi has been waiting for this moment to come, and finally it has. Indeed, the airwaves will never remain the same again because Costa Titch has dealt a huge blow to it.

The rapper had hinted on the release of a new song earlier on. What we saw was that it would be titled “Thembi“, but little did we know that he had other plans for his fans. Guess we don’t know so much anyway.

The talented rapper has now delivered two new songs to the airwaves of which “Phezulu” is one of them. The unexpected joint is really a whole mood. He surely took us unawares with this one and still made it worth our while. Fans are already talking about it, and surely it will be a success. The game just got a hundred times lit.

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