CRC Music Premieres Heaven On Earth Album

CRC Music brings “Heaven on Earth” in a new album which you can stream here on UbeToo.

CRC Music is the music arm of the Christian Revival Church, a vibrant ministry with worldwide spread. It routinely takes the message of Christ’s salvation and power to the ends of the earth via a strong music ministry.

“Heaven On Earth” is a seven-track compilation that premiered on Apple Music and other digital platforms today 18 December 2020. This compilation, which plays for exactly thirty-two minutes, begins with “Real Thing” and ends with “No Weapon.”

The album is spiritually energizing and ought to be on the playlist of any Christian who desires to experience the fire of God’s power and mercy in songs. Track after track, you’re overwhelmed by the force of God’s grace in the life of the saints – or those who earnestly seek him.

If you’re a Christian or care for Christian music, you can’t posssibly go wrong surrendering to the powers of “Heaven On Earth” album by CRC Music.

Well, how would you rate “Heaven On Earth” album by CRC Music? We invite you to check out this body of work below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Download | Apple Music

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