Czwe De Ancestral – Flavors & Booze ft. MDU aka TRP & Bongza

We’re here for “Flavors & Booze” courtesy of Czwe De Ancestral, and Bongza. Oh well, kinda.

“Flavors & Booze” is but a collaborative tune from the artistes mentioned at the outset. The song drops just in time for the festive season. In fact, we consider it one of the songs of the moment, although might not be at the top of the trends.

The is simple – and it is found in the message of the song, which encourages the listener to have a good time and just unwind. In fact, we see the party crowd favouriting the song right away.

“Flavors & Booze” might be a party anthem, but that’s no to abandon the path of reason while yiu have a good time. We’re still in the middle of a coronavirus storm. Protect yourself and be safe even while you have a grand time. There’s life – should be life – after the party. Now say “Flavors & Booze”!

Well, what do you think of Czwe De Ancestral’s “Flavors & Booze” featuring and Bongza? You may want to check out the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. Way to go!

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