Da Capo Is A Dark Knight In New Song

South Africa’s Da Capo is out with a splendid jam titled “Dark Knight,” and we’re all for it. You might be, too – probably after a first listen, like us.

The song is an easy charmer and gives the listener a fair view of Da Capo’s creative powers. It is a song well worth every minute of its play time. It is but one of several fine numbers the songster has charmed us with recently, and we can’t wait to savour his next number.

Mzansi has many musos, of course,. Of this “crazy” collective, Da Capo happens to be one of our favourite. The champ unleashes music that soothes the soul and gets you thinking, too.

“Dark Knight” is one such soul-soothing jam, and one we recommend you check out. If you are not familiar with the songster as a musician, his latest jam might be an introduction to his creative orbit – a splendid place you should love to be in.

Wouldn’t you rather vibe with this number right away? The experience is one to rremember.

How would you rate the song you might want to stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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