Da Gifto & Brandon Dhludhlu – Ingelosi

A Musical Journey from the “Love” EP

Da Gifto, in a remarkable collaboration with Brandon Dhludhlu, has released their latest single “Ingelosi” in 2023. This song, the fourth track on their six-track “Love” EP, showcases a blend of infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The EP itself is a masterpiece, captivating listeners with its range and depth.

“Ingelosi” stands out for its stunning vocal contributions from Brandon Dhludhlu, a superstar known for his incredible talent. The track is a highlight of the EP, demonstrating the unique sound and artistic growth of Da Gifto. This collaboration marks a significant moment in both artists’ careers, offering a fresh and mesmerizing musical experience to their fans.

The “Love” EP, featuring “Ingelosi,” is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a journey through emotions and melodies, showcasing the artistic versatility of Da Gifto and the vocal prowess of Brandon Dhludhlu. This release is set to resonate with audiences, further cementing their positions in the music industry.



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