Da Gifto & Brandon Dhludhlu – Love EP

A Fusion of House Beats and Soulful Melodies

In a remarkable display of musical synergy, Da Gifto and Brandon Dhludhlu have released their latest project, the ‘Love’ EP. This new release is a captivating blend of House rhythms and heartfelt lyrics, showcasing the duo’s unique ability to merge different musical styles seamlessly.

The ‘Love’ EP consists of six tracks, each offering a unique auditory experience. One of the standout tracks, “Ingelosi,” exemplifies the EP’s essence, combining infectious melodies with deeply emotive lyrics. The EP is not just a collection of songs but a journey through various moods and stories, each track contributing to the overarching theme of love and connection.

Available on multiple streaming platforms, including Apple Music and YouTube, the ‘Love’ EP is gaining traction among fans of both artists and the House genre. The collaboration between Da Gifto and Brandon Dhludhlu is a testament to their versatility and creativity, marking a significant milestone in their musical careers.

Listeners can expect a rich tapestry of sounds, from upbeat dance tracks to more introspective tunes, all underpinned by the signature House beat. The ‘Love’ EP is a must-listen for anyone looking to explore the evolving landscape of South African music and the ever-growing popularity of the South African music movement.

Love EP


1 Play Don’t Matter (feat. Zee Dyasi & Lance Hebron) 5:50
2 Play Emhlabeni 6:57
3 Play Imali 8:12
4 Play Ingelosi 8:12
5 Play Buya 7:40
6 Play Don’t Matter (Original) (feat. Zee Dyasi) 6:42


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