Da Muziqal Chef – Just A Taste (Extended Play) Album

Just A Taste (Extended Play): A Genius Piano Project

The very talented DJ and producer Da Muziqal Chef has come through with a brand new project titled “Just A Taste (Extended Play).”

Da Muziqal Chef has carved out a niche for himself in the Piano scene. Of course, no one does it like him. The talented Piano hitmaker has blessed the scene with so many jams.

Da Muziqal Chef put in so much work last year. He dropped several singles and the “Just A Taste” EP. The project housed six tracks and featured contributions from Daliwonga, Eemoh, De Mthuda, Sam Deep, Malumnator, Mzizi, and more. They all did great on it.

He has now returned to the scene and released the “Just A Taste (Extended Play).” The new project houses nine tracks and features contributions from De Mthuda, Daliwonga, Mawhoo, and more. Check the songs out below to listen to them. Also, add them to a Piano playlist.

Just A Taste (Extended Play)


# Track Artist Duration
1 Ubumnandi (feat. De Mthuda & Sam Deep) Da Muziqal Chef & Eemoh 6:23
2 Ngino Mona Da Muziqal Chef & MaWhoo 7:08
3 Hlala Nawe (feat. Azana) Da Muziqal Chef 5:58
4 Phendula (feat. Njelic, Aymos & De Mthuda) Da Muziqal Chef & MalumNator 5:45
5 Tshepo Ke TSHEPO Da Muziqal Chef, De Mthuda & Mzizi 6:03
6 Mzwangedwa (feat. Eemoh) Da Muziqal Chef 5:45
7 Seng’zwile (feat. De Mthuda) Da Muziqal Chef & Azana 6:23
8 Ama Pillow Talk (feat. DaliWonga) Da Muziqal Chef 7:14
9 Stuff Sakhe (feat. MalumNator) Da Muziqal Chef & De Mthuda 6:23


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