Dan Lu – I Love You So Ft. Quing Simz

Malawian artiste Dan Lu croons “I Love You So” alongside South African singer and actress Quing Simz. The song is part of the Malawian musician’s “Game Changer” album.

While the project may not have changed the game in Malawi, it sure has some fire tracks that will ignite your spirit. One such track is obviously “I Love You So,” which sits at No. 14 on the tracklist.

For Dan Lu, it’s a big inroad into the music industry of a neighboring country. And for Quing Simz, it’s a dream fulfilled, as she had been wanting something international.

Her appearance on this song is actually her first international feature, and the songstress is more than excited about it. In a post to social media, she had announced the feature with pride, urging her fans to dream big.

She had also hailed Dan Lu as the biggest artiste in Malawi. Working with him was a dream come true for her.

By the way, the South African and the Malawian actually struck up a great partnership. For one, they connected greatly on this song and it’s just soul-warming listening to them together.

Love is the message here but these two friends rendered that message in a way that keeps the yawn away.

Dan Lu – I Love You So Ft. Quing Simz

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