Danger Shayumthetho & K-zin Isgebengu – Emayoli (Slow Jam)

Danger Shayumthetho and pal K-zin Isgebengu erupt on UbeToo with something for a change, a song dubbed “Emayoli (Slow Jam).”

We don’t know the pair as maestros of slow jam. But then, their slow jam offering is not something we have a quarrel over. Actually, they have put a song worth the weight – and no, that’s not a mistake. We meant weight. Literally.

As a piece of music, “Emayoli (Slow Jam)” really bites, and we mean that in a positive way. Though a slow jam it is, the number quickly bites away every trace of the boring from the listener’s psyche. So you are assured of a good time with this one.

In South Africa, we a slow jam is mentioned, we quickly think of DJ Ace because he’s done a lot in that area – unlike most. With the sheer energy of “Emayoli (Slow Jam),” we’re adding Danger Shayumthetho and K-zin Isgebengu to our list of musos to be remembered in the orbit of slow jams.

The two have an exciting number that will intrigue people unused to slow jams – so long as they love a good time and music. Join us, then, and have a blast. No qualms, really.

Danger Shayumthetho & K-zin Isgebengu – Emayoli (Slow Jam)

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