Darque – April (Original Mix)

It’s pretty Darque in here, but that’s not a complaint. After all, Darque is not the same thing as dark. We like it all Darque, if you please. For there is a songster and he’s as good as you please. He returns to our orbit with a new bop dubbed “April (Original Mix).”

What’s in a name – or should we say a title? What was the songster trying to reference with the title of his tune? Well, there is so much to say about the song he’s just released, but we would rather leave it to you to figure things out yourself. Still, we are confident that you’d love every minute vibing to this tune.

South Africa’s dance and electronic music universe might not be the most vibrant, but it contains some of the most desirable voices, including Darque. It’s time to immerse yourself in the songster’s offering. It’s “April” but it won’t make you a fool.

April (Original Mix)


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