DBN Gogo – Whats Real Album

DBN Gogo’s new album, Whats Real, is a collection of 12 tracks that see the artist explore a range of genres, including amapiano and house music.

The album opens with the title track, “Maradebe” featuring Makhanj and Zadok, a catchy amapiano tune that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The following track, “Ngeke”, featuring Baby S.O.N & DJ Stopper is a fun and upbeat amapiano/house blend track that is sure to get you moving. “Uyathandeka” featuring MaWhoo is a laid-back track that features.

Other standout tracks on the album include “Jika”, a sultry ballad, and “Mdali”, a club-ready banger featuring guest vocals from Bongi.

If you’re looking for a feel-good album to help you get through the last few weeks of 2022, then look no further than DBN Gogo’s Whats Real. Whats Real is an album that has something for everyone.

DBN Gogo – Whats Real Album


  1. MARADEBE (DBN Gogo & Zodwa Wabantu) Featuring Makhanj, Stixx & Zadok (Produced by Stixx)
  2. NGEKE (DBN Gogo, Mawhoo & Eltonk) Featuring Stixx, S.O.N, Boontle Rsa & Zadok (Produced by Elton)
  3. UYATHANDEKA (DBN Gogo, Stixx & BoiBizza) Featuring MaWhoo (Produced by Stixx)
  4. JIKA (DBN Gogo & 2woshort) Featuring Nvcho, Reed,Stixx & Zwayetoven (Produced by Stixx)
  5. SKIT 1 Featuring Sol Phenduka & MacG
  6. MDALI (DBN Gogo & Cornelius SA) Featuring Bongi Silinda (Produced by Cornelius SA)
  7. POLO (DBN Gogo & Mellow & Sleazy) Ft Boontle RSA, Kammu Dee & Mpho Spiny (Produced by Mellow & Sleazy)
  8. SHUKU (DBN Gogo & Stixx) Featuring Stopper & Nvcho (Produced by Stixx)
  9. GURU (DBN Gogo & Slowavex) Featuring Effected, Triple X Da Ghost And Boibizza (Produced by Effected and Triple x)
  10. KHOMBA BANI (DBN Gogo Kammu Dee) Featuring Mellow & Sleazy, Boontle RSA, Tango Supreme And Mpho Spizzy (Produced by Mellow & Sleazy)
  11. CHEATER (DBN Gogo, Abidoza & Tumza D’kota) Ft Boohle (Produced by Abidoza & Tumza)
  12. JABULA (DBN Gogo, Pabi Cooper & Yumbs) (Produced By Yumbs)
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