De Mthuda – Miles Away (Main Mix)

From the trajectory of disc jockey and music producer De Mthuda, we’ve received a new tune from Miles Away. This is nothing usual, though, but a leaked song: “Miles Away” (Main Mix).

One thing about leaks is that they are what they are, and for the most part, one can’t tell if a finished song will ensue or if the number was leaked by the artists themselves or by someone else.

Anyway, we have a leaked tune and it looks like fans are going to love it. “Miles Away” is a number with the unit and musical boldness one has come to anticipate from the DJ and producer who once made it clear that although Kabza De Small might be deserving the king of the genre, there’s really no established title in the world of yanos.

Well, whether one accepts it or not, there’s no disputing De Mthuda’s participation in the world of music in South and the strength of his leaked song to the enthusiasts of the genre.

Well, what do you deem of De Mthuda’s “Miles Away”, and how would you evaluate it on a scale of zero to ten? Share your thoughts below.

De Mthuda – Miles Away (Main Mix)

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