“Dear South African Men” – Rouge Writes Emotional Letter To Men On GBV

South African rapper Rouge has got a message for the guys, but will they listen to her? She is appalled at the rate of gender-based violence in South Africa and has implored the men to behave.

She made her position known in a long and emotional letter which she shared on her Instagram page, using the hashtag #Senzenina. It is obvious the letter is also a promotional campaign for her imminent song with my crush Amanda Black.

Yeah, Rouge has got a song titled “Senze Nina” which premieres in the next two days. We are going to share the song as soon as it drops. So check back for it here on UbeToo.

The youngest of 4 girls, Rouge said as a kid she never imagined she was growing up in a country where to be a girl is to be in constant risk. She therefore wonders what crime she has committed to elicit savagery from the men.

The “she” in the previous sentence also references women who have suffered one form of violence or the other in the hands of men. You can check out the detailed letter below.

What do you think of the letter? The comment section is open for your thoughts.

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