Dearson – Sisathandana

When it comes to dropping memorable numbers, you can at least count on Dearson, the songster who readily admits he has a music addiction. Well, out of that addiction came something sumptuous – a number you would be more than happy to vibe with: “Sisathandana.”

Whether sung alone or to a lover, there’s a deep appeal and charm to this song that cannot be missed. More likely than not, after a first listening session, you will return to the number. It is that appealing.

It nothing else, with this number at least, Dearson has advertised himself to be an artist of great artistic and sonic appeal. He knows how to put the beats together and get the attention of an audience. Still in doubt? Then check out his “Sisathandana” tune.

Your doubt should be cleared even before you are done listening to that beat. It’s a challenge from us. Take it.



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