Deepson HD & Nhlonipho – Impendulo

Deepson HD & Nhlonipho – Impendulo

The talented Afro House hitmakers Deepson HD and Inhlonipho have teamed up and released a new song titled “Impendulo.”

So far, many song genres have been celebrated on the scene with good music. Mzansi DJs and artists have contributed good songs to the scene. House music DJs have also not been left behind.

Deepson HD has also made his mark with some beautiful entries. While he has not attained the recognition he aims for, he has held the bar of his releases. Deeper HD has released the songs “Blessings” and “Offshore Groove” this year. He did a fantastic job on both songs.

He has now teamed up with Inhlonipho and released a new song titled “Impendulo.” They both did a beautiful job on the song. You do not want to pass on this one. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add it to a playlist of your choice this weekend.


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