Demi Lee Moore & Riaan Benade Praises On “There Was Jesus”

Demi Lee Moore & Riaan Benade release new song "There Was Jesus"

Demi Lee Moore and Riaan Benade team io to deliver an inspiring new song tagged “There Was Jesus”.

We always love it everytime two artists collaborate on a new song. Now, here’s one from two Afrikaans Is Groot artists who have each made huge names for themselves with their music.

Truly, we are huge fans of the both of them. Demi Lee Moore has been stunning since she made her debut in the music industry. She has collaborated with some of the biggest Afrikaans artistes and dropped some very impressive tunes. She’s delivered “Because it’s Love”, “Amanda” with Steve Hofmeyr, and more.

Riaan Benade on the other hand has also been impressive. He’s delivered some great songs like “Helpende Handa” and more. This isn’t the first time the two are collaborating, they call this new one “There Was Jesus”. The new song is a very beautiful listen. You definitely have it on your playlist.

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