Dibi – Good Luck With That, Watch Video

South African rapper, Dibi released a song titled “Good Luck With That” a while back that made a lot of wave and generated quite the buzz and building on that huge acceptance, he has now released a music video for it.

“Good Luck With That” is one of the songs off of his “Up Till Now” mixtape released last year. For anyone that listened to the song, it’s impossible not to enjoy it and to see it as one of the standout tracks on the project. Little wonder that it is getting special attention in form of a music video now.

The song follows a theme of heartbreak. It is like a love letter to a lost love and the opening line “I heard you living with your new man” screams that from the beginning.

Dibi is no stranger for he has released songs similar to this. Since breaking fully into the industry with “Golide”, there has been no looking back as he has gone on to churn out chart toppers like “Unapologetic”, “Famous”, “Net Worth” and more.

The music video for “Good Luck With That” has been enjoying a measure of attention, check it out below:

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