DJ Ace ♠️ Joins The “Black Lives Matter” Movement With An Afro House Mix

DJ Ace is out with a new mixtape titled "Black Lives Matter (Afro House Mix)."

The prolific disc jockey and producer is not new to mixtapes, so another compilation from him should surprise no one. In fact, he churns out mixtapes with commendable regularity.

Also, on a list of 10,you will surely find his name on the top 5 most prolific DJs and producers in South Africa.

For his latest mixtape, “Black Lives Matter (Afro House Mix),” DJ Ace picked a trending topic: that of police brutality and killing of innocents. Two specific cases apparently provoked this compilation.

The first is the murder of George Floyd by a cop called Chauvin in the United States; the other is the killing of Collins Khosa in South Africa, the country of DJ Ace’s provenance. Several artistes are now calling for justice in the cases of the two dead.

I’ve mixed this Afro House Mix thinking of how the killings of #CollinsKhoza #GeorgeFloyd has affected the Black’ Lives through the Lockdown (Covid19). All we pray for is that can every race get an equal better treatment as humans 🙏🏽
Dj Ace ♠️ Joins The &Quot;Black Lives Matter&Quot; Movement With An Afro House Mix 2

“Black Lives Matter (Afro House Mix)” comprises tracks from several South African artistes, including DJ Vitoto, Sun EL Musician and Msaki. The compilation should make a splendid addition to your playlist.

DJ Ace ♠️ – Black Lives Matter (Afro House Mix) Tracklist:

  1. Natz Efx & Msaki – Urban Child
  2. Sun EL Musician – Ubomi Abumanga Ft. Msaki
  3. Moyo Wangu (Ft. BATUNDI)
  4. DJ Vitoto & Idd Aziz – Banjuka
  5. Malumz on Deckz, KB Motsilanyane – Taba Tsa Hao (Eltonnick Remix)
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