DJ Benedict – Dance Monkey (DJ Benedict Remix)

DJ Benedict delivers a remix of "Dance Monkey"

DJ Benedict releases a remix of “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I.

All over the world, “Dance Monkey” is the song everyone is playing. There is no one who has heard it who would ever forget it easily. The song which was released mid last year has fast become one of the biggest tunes from that year into this year.

It was originally recorded by Australian singer, Tones And I and released as the second single off his debut EP “The Kids Are Coming”. Since it dropped, the song has crossed territories and become one of the most memorable tracks of 2019.

Talented Mzansi disc jockey, DJ Benedict is out now with a new remix of the track. The talented music maker brings a new feel to the track as he lays out a very relatable sound but still stays true to the song. This is definitely going to make a huge buzz in the airwaves.


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