DJ Call Me – President Ya Lekompo Album

DJ Call Me returns to the scene with a brand new album titled “President Ya Lekompo.”

We must confess that we have loved the number of albums released this year. Our faves have blessed the airwaves with projects this weekend, and DJ Call Me was not left out.

The popular hitmaker last made an appearance on the scene with the Dr. Nel collaboration titled “Montsamaisha Boshego,” featuring Blaqmoon. He also enlisted the talents of Vee Mampeezy, Fortunator, and Dr Nel to feature on the song “Chelete Ya Mochelo.” We have loved all his entries.

The star is back with a new album titled “President Ya Lekompo.” It houses twelve tracks and features contributions from Dr Joe Shirimane, Ntsako, Bayor 97, Miss Twiggy, Movino, Nale Boy, Fortunator, Rude Kid Venda, DJ Search, Makhadzi, and more. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add it to a playlist of your choice this weekend.

President Ya Lekompo Album


1 Wa Dlaya Call Me DJ Call Me, Dr Joe Shirimane, Ntsako & Brace Thorn Shirimane 5:52
2 Sweety My Lovey (feat. Bayor97 & Miss Twiggy) DJ Call Me 5:27
3 Ke Bana (feat. Movino, Nale Boy & Romeo ThaGreatwhite) DJ Call Me 4:06
4 Twerka (feat. DIOS 1D & Master Bongz) DJ Call Me 4:56
5 Ndi Single (feat. Fortunator, Bajor97 & Rude Kid Venda) DJ Call Me 5:49
6 Tshipatshi (feat. Makhadzi, Fortunator & DJ Search) DJ Call Me 4:35
7 Motho Sho (feat. Sgiva Record, Movino & Judy Da Vocalist) DJ Call Me 4:55
8 Gaena Chorus (feat. Bayor97 & Judy De Vocalist) DJ Call Me 4:28
9 Cousin (feat. Khosi DK, DIOS 1D & Pablo015) DJ Call Me 4:19
10 Ma Malome (feat. Judy De Vocalist) DJ Call Me 4:38
11 Pele Pele (feat. DIOS 1D, H-t Rhythmic, Master Chuza & Chongo de flavour) DJ Call Me 5:04
12 Bophelo Ke Scam (feat. Judy De Vocalist, Nilly Jaden & Renovator Lepara) DJ Call Me 4:19


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