DJ Cleo – Time To Dance EP

DJ Cleo Drops Eagerly Awaited 'Time To Dance' EP

South African music aficionado DJ Cleo, has released his latest project titled “Time To Dance” EP. The release, which was unveiled in October 2023, has been the talk of the town, with fans and music enthusiasts eagerly streaming and downloading the tracks.

The EP, as the name suggests, promises a rhythmic journey that is bound to get listeners on their feet. DJ Cleo, known for his unique blend of Kwaito and House music, has once again showcased his production prowess with this new collection. The tracks are available on major music platforms, including Juno Download, where fans can listen to the beats and immerse themselves in the musical experience.

Music platforms highlighted the EP as one of the latest updates from the “Talented South African Music Producer & Disc Jockey.” The buzz around the EP is palpable, with social media platforms and music forums discussing the tracks’ beats, lyrics, and overall vibe.

As DJ Cleo continues to make waves in the South African music scene, “Time To Dance” EP stands as a testament to his dedication to his craft and his ability to deliver hits that resonate with his audience consistently.

Time To Dance EP

South African Music Maestro Unveils New Beats


# Track Name Duration
1 Time To Dance 7:51
2 Mamaye 7:36
3 Ilembe (feat. Ray Ndosi) 7:08
4 Ka Ndaba 6:54
5 J’ai vu le loup 6:09


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