DJ Givy Baby, Nkosazana Daughter & Soa Mattrix – Inhliziyo

DJ Givy Baby Collaborates with Nkosazana Daughter & Soa Mattrix for a Soulful Track

“Inhliziyo,” a standout track from DJ Givy Baby’s album “The Gift Of Music,” features the combined talents of Nkosazana Daughter and Soa Mattrix. This song has quickly become a favourite among fans for its soulful melody and deep, emotive lyrics. Released as part of the 2023 album, “Inhliziyo” showcases a perfect blend of DJ Givy Baby’s rhythmic prowess with the vocal magic of Nkosazana Daughter and the musical ingenuity of Soa Mattrix.

The track is available for streaming on major platforms like Spotify, where listeners can immerse themselves in the rich, harmonious sounds that characterize this collaboration. The song’s popularity is a testament to the growing appeal of Amapiano music, a genre that DJ Givy Baby has been instrumental in popularizing.

“Inhliziyo” stands out for its captivating beats and the seamless integration of traditional African rhythms with contemporary music elements. The collaboration between these three artists has been praised for its creativity and the way it pushes the boundaries of the Amapiano genre.

This track is not just a song; it’s an experience that takes listeners on a journey through the heart and soul of African music. “Inhliziyo” is a must-listen for anyone looking to explore the depths of Amapiano and the innovative sounds coming out of the African music scene.


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