DJ HappyGal – Happy Day Ft. Lindough (Prod. by Pro-Tee)

It’s a “Happy Day” for South African musicians DJ HappyGal and Lindough as they link up for a song that promises and actually delivers a good time to those who would listen.

We might add that it is a “Happy Day” for us as well, as we get to tap the energies of this two notable musicians who have been delighting Mzansi with their numbers for years now.

DJ HappyGal and Lindough make a fine team and it’s a pleasure listening to them together. In fact, listening to the duo, one might even wonder what a song by the lead artiste and Lindough’s 8-year-old musician son  Valdo would sound like. Anyway, we’re confident a collaboration by them would also lead to another happy hour – a song of a different time but still of magical appeal.

Would you rather join us and have a “Happy Day”? surely nothing beats happiness, a happy day…

Well, what do you think of “Happy Day” by DJ HappyGal and Lindough and how would you rate the song on a scale of zero to ten? We invite you to check out the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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