DJ Hlo – Impilo Emnandi Ft. Tee Jay & Cheez Beezy

The wait is over, DJ Hlo declaimed in a post announcing her latest song. Titled “Impilo Emnandi,” the number features her associates Tee Jay and Cheez Beezy.

When DJ Hlo turned up with this number, she probably had in mind those who wanted to get out of the bondage of lethargy. The song is empowering in ways you might not understand until you listen to it.

We’re clueless about the reason for working with Tee Jay and Cheez Beezy. But then, as you will find out presently, she performed optimally with the two. So there’s really nothing to quarrel with here.

DJ Hlo is a maestro of the decks and turntables and a winner of the Ukhozi FM song of the year. When she won the scudetto, many people were outraged, stating they didn’t even know who she was – never really heard about her.

Others had noted that the song that earned her the song of the year win isn’t even famous. Well, she didn’t dwell on the negatives. She remained focused on creating new music. And here she is with an intriguing jam.

We don’t see “Impilo Emnandi” snapping the song of the year crown. But it’s worth hearing still.

DJ Hlo – Impilo Emnandi Ft. Tee Jay & Cheez Beezy

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