DJ Jaivane – 5th Annual Promo Live Mix (J1MS)

Simnandi Records star, DJ Jaivane has come through with a brand new mix tagged "5th Annual Promo Live Mix".

With just one day away from the weekend, Mzansi DJs are already dishing proper jams and mixes. The very talented hitmaker, is not to be left behind. He has just come through with a new mix.

Jaivane put in good work last year, and also helped present artists and DJs signed to his label to the spotlight. He recently dropped the “Simnandi Vol 25 Mix (Welcoming 2022)” to kick off the new year. Last year, he also dropped mixes with Piano stars including Ntokzin, Sunny Man’Que, Muziqal Tone, and more. And, all his entries were well received by the fans.

He’s back this time with a brand new offering. He titles this one “5th Annual Promo Live Mix”. It features songs from him, J&S Projects, Young Stunna, and more. Check the new out below to listen to it. Also, add it to a playlist.

DJ Jaivane – 5th Annual Promo Live Mix (J1MS)


  1. J&S Projects & Koppz Deep ft Chley – Mas’fika
  2. Djy Jaivane & Sinny Man’Oue ft Mashudu,LeeMcKrazy – Eloyi
  3. Amu Classic & Kappie ft Nobantu Vilakazi, LeeMcKrazy – Sizoba Mnandi
  4. Sinny Man’Que ft LeeMcKrazy – Ang’sajoli
  5. Djy Jaivane & J&S Projects ft Young Stunna – Makukhanye
  6. Sinny Man’Oue, TribeSoul ft LeeMcKrazy – lsinkwa
  7. TribeSoul, Sinny Man’Oue ft LeeMcKrazy – Smiley
  8. Sinny Man’Cue & Fiso El Musica ft LeeMcKrazy – Dedela abanye
  9. Sinny Man’Oue ft LeeMcKrazy – Malokazane
  10. Sinny Man’Oue & Djy Jaivane ft LeeMcKrazy – Bayeke
  11. Sinny Man’Oue, TribeSoul, J&S Projects ft LeeMcKrazy – Es’toksini
  12. J&S Projects & Djy Jaivane ft Scooby Steeze – Surprise
  13. J&S Projects & Djy Jaivane ft Young Stunna – Asiye
  14. Djy Jaivane & J&S Projects – Refine
  15. Sinny Man’Oue ft Guyu Pane – Destination
  16. Muziqal Tone – Wait there
  17. Muziqal Tone – Tick tock
  18. J&S Projects – Deep Level
  19. Muziqal Tone & Djy Jaivane – We are within
  20. Djy Jaivane & Sinny Man’Oue – Golden Boys
  21. Djy Jaivane & Muziqal Tone – J1MS
  22. Djy Jaivane & Fiso El Musica – Jungle Fever
  23. Muziqal Tone – Sokhonyo
  24. Muziqal Tone – Different
  25. Sinny Man’Que – Dog World
  26. Muziqal Tone & Djy Jaivane – Mangena
  27. Muziqal Tone – Toneless
  28. Djy Jaivane – OwnLaneBoy
  29. Sinny Man’Oue – Low Key Dance
  30. Sinny Man’Oue – Tap Dance
  31. J&S Projects – House Arrest
  32. TribeSoul – Duct

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