DJ Karri – Tornado Ft. BL Zero & Kamo The Vocalist

DJ Karri returns to UbeToo with a new jam titled “Tornado,” featuring his associates BL Zero and Kamo The Vocalist. 

The jam hasn’t just popped out of the blue, as the lead singer had informed fans it was on its way long before it arrived. His record label Sony Music Africa had done the same thing, letting fans k ow the jam was available for pre-order. 

The wait is over, and one might smile in the knowledge that it has been worth it. Yup. The friends have put up a number that’s as energising as it’s memorable — a track that just about any lover of good music would readily vibe to

“Tornado” might conjure in the mind spectres of destruction, but DJ Karri and his pals are not here to destroy you or anyone for that matter. If there is anything the song quickly destroys, it’s boredom. 

So, yes, you can count on what they have just released to “Karri” you not just into a new day but into another week as well, without selling you to the urchins of the drab halfway. 

Get ready, then, for a “Tornado” experience like no other. We may say the weekend came early. 

DJ Karri – Tornado Ft. BL Zero & Kamo The Vocalist

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