DJ Kaymoworld Premieres Kung Foo Ft. Jay Claude, YoungstaCPT, Espiquet & Priddy Ugly

DJ Kaymoworld presents a new song titled “Kung Foo” in collaboration with his pals Jay Claude, YoungstaCPT, Espiquet & Priddy Ugly.

“Kung Foo” sounds so like kung fu. But is DJ Kaymo about to take us into the world of self defence? Well, your guess might not be as good as wine. You may want to pause, then, and listen to the song to get its meat.

We can tell you for free, however, that the disc jockey and producer had a good time spitting his bars alongside his pals Jay Claude, YoungstaCPT, Espiquet & Priddy Ugly – fine voices you wouldn’t mind hearing over and over again.

On the surface, “Kung Foo” might be taken as a song for the weekend. The song is something to be enjoyed beyond the weekend, a tune as energizing as they come. If you’re looking forward to a wonderful time with a song that is unapologetically liberating, you should have a fine choice in “Kung Foo.”

Wouldn’t you rather pause a minute and let this song take you places with its beat and energy? The experience is not only something to have but something to have others have as well. Well, why not? Vibe with it as you please.

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music

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