Dj King Tara – Rio Birds (Underground MusiQ)

DJ King Tara returns with another interesting bop. This one goes by the title “Rio Birds (Underground MusiQ)” and features no guests whatsoever. But the underground music maestro was his usual fiery self.

DJ King Tara is not exactly your underground musician, but the songster has a habit of adding underground to the title of his jams. And oh, are they stuff worth hearing!

His “Rio Birds (Underground MusiQ)” track takes the listener into planes of musical pleasure that are not only worth inhabiting but worth sharing, too.

The songster might not be a regular on here, but with his latest drop, he’s given us enough reasons to look more often in his direction for song features. It’s hard not to love his latest drop.

He last popped on our orbit with a song titled “Travels (Dark Underground).” Months later he would return with another soul-warming tune that affirms him as one of the musicians worth checking out for anyone interested in the many hues and sounds of South African music.

Having made it this far, one can only guess you’re keen on a great musical session. And that’s what you’re going to get. Just tap the play button and sit back.

Dj King Tara – Rio Birds (Underground MusiQ)

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