DJ King Tara – The World Of King Tara 4 Album

Popular Mzansi hitmaker, DJ King Tara has just blessed the airwaves with a stunning new project which he titles “The World Of King Tara 4”.

A lot of Mzansi hitmakers do not have the largest fan bases in the country, but they boast a loyal following that will stay with them through anything. DJ King Tara has amassed quite a fan base for himself.

The talented muso dropped a number of entries last year including the song “Mvuseni”, “Amasango (Dark Underground Mix)”, and more. As an underground DJ, he has dropped several installments of his “The World Of King Tara” project series.

Now, he is out with a new one. He titles this “The World Of King Tara 4” and also delivers amazing work on the project. This isn’t one you can ignore. Check the project out below to listen to it. Also, add it to a playlist of your choice this week.

DJ King Tara – The World Of King Tara 4 Album Tracklist

  1. DJ KING TARA – Intro (Dark Underground)
  2. DJ KING TARA – Sabaradonga (feat. Ntando)
  3. DJ KING TARA – Cognac (feat. Ntando)
  4. DJ KING TARA – Amandla Wendoda (feat. Amakhosi)
  5. DJ KING TARA & SOULISTIC – Lengane (feat. TmanXpress)
  6. DJ KING TARA – AmaWaka Waka (feat. Amakhosi)
  7. DJ KING TARA – Phola Nliziyo (feat. T-man Xpress)
  8. DJ KING TARA & SOULISTIC – Macala (Soulful Underground)
  9. DJ KING TARA – Casa Nova (Soulful Underground)
  10. DJ KING TARA – Graphics Tuner (feat. Mtaito & LeoDaMusiQ)
  11. DJ KING TARA – Mind Changer (Tech Underground)
  12. DJ KING TARA – Casul Code (Tech Underground)
  13. DJ KING TARA & SOULISTIC – Smart (Dub Underground)
  14. DJ KING TARA – 48 (Soulful Underground)
  15. DJ KING TARA – BackDoors (feat. Tsebebe Moroke)
  16. DJ KING TARA – Yeah (Tech Underground)
  17. DJ KING TARA – We Wanna Party (feat. Ntando)
  18. DJ KING TARA – GumGum (Dark Underground)

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