DJ Lag – Beats In Space 107: DJ Lag (DJ Mix)

Sonic Odyssey: DJ Lag's "Beats In Space 107"

A Gqom Galaxy Awaits on Apple Music with DJ Lag’s Latest Mix.

DJ Lag, the South African Gqom maestro, has launched his auditory spacecraft “Beats In Space 107” exclusively on Apple Music. This DJ mix invites listeners to an interstellar journey through the energetic beats of the Gqom genre.

Embarking on this cosmic voyage, “Hade Boss,” featuring K.0 Driller, sets the pace with its 4-minute eruption of pulsating rhythms. With its mysterious allure, “ID1” holds you in a gravity-defying dance, courtesy of an unknown artist. Dee Traits’ “Let’s Go” then accelerates with its intoxicating groove, while “Woza Uzizwele,” graced by Dladla Mshunqisi and DarkSilver, delves into the depths of Afro-beat syncopation.

Chynaman, Kususa, and Argento Dust’s “Just Love” receives a Zed Remit, adding a melodic interlude to the intense mix. “ID2” continues the anonymous journey, enveloping the soundscape in a mystique that can only be attributed to DJ Lag’s curatorial prowess.

With “95 Unleaded,” Dlala Thukzin refuels the energy reserves, followed by General C’mamane’s “KwaNgoku,” which weaves in raw, unfiltered Gqom power. GoldMax’s “Mali Talk” keeps the conversation going with Sykes & Worst Behaviour, further solidifying the mix’s immersive aura.

The journey descends into “Sub 6 / Munch,” where General C’mamane pairs with Ice Spice for a fusion of sound and rhythm. In an exclusive blend, “ID3” transitions into Beyoncé’s “MY POWER,” highlighting DJ Lag’s touch in the global hit.

A collaborative “Raptor” by DJ Lag and Sinjin Hawke shows off a predatory prowess in sound design. Dezzodigo’s “Woza Digo” maintains the voyage’s velocity with an assist from Junior039 & Killer Dee, before MsohDaDJ’s “Vodka” intoxicates with its potent beats.

As the journey nears its destination, Griffit Vigo’s “Ree’s Vibe” ensures the sonic landscape is vast and varied, leading into “Rude Boy / Werser” where Mr Eazi and ChopLife SoundSystem meet AkiidMusiq for a multi-textured track.

“Umbulali” by Chustar and “Where’s Your Father” by QUE DJ and DJ Lag provide a homecoming to the Gqom roots, each with their distinct take on the genre’s pulsing energy. The mix closes with “Delhi Distortion,” a track that, while unnamed, resonates with the universal language of dance.

“Beats In Space 107” is not just a DJ mix; it’s an exploration of the galactic territory Gqom claims within the music universe, curated masterfully by DJ Lag for Apple Music listeners.


Track Title Artist(s) Duration
Hade Boss (feat. K.0 Driller) [Mixed] Mr Nation Thingz, DJ Lag 4:01
ID1 (from Beats In Space 107: DJ Lag) [Mixed] Unknown 3:35
Let’s Go (Mixed) Dee Traits 3:43
Woza Uzizwele (feat. DarkSilver) [Mixed] Dladla Mshunqisi 2:06
Just Love (feat. Azola) [Zed Remit] [Mixed] Chynaman, Kususa, Argento Dust 4:31
ID2 (from Beats In Space 107: DJ Lag) [Mixed] Unknown 2:41
95 Unleaded (Mixed) Dlala Thukzin 4:33
KwaNgoku (Mixed) General C’mamane 3:05
Mali Talk (feat. Sykes & Worst Behaviour) [Mixed] GoldMax 3:06
Sub 6 / Munch (Feelin’ U) [Mixed] General C’mamane, Ice Spice 3:36
ID3 (from Beats In Space 107: DJ Lag) / MY POWER (Mixed) Beyonce, Nija, Busiswa, Yemi Alade, Tierra Whack, DJ Lag, Moonchild Sanelly 2:18
Raptor (Mixed) DJ Lag, Sinjin Hawke 2:48
Woza Digo (feat. Junior039 & Killer Dee) [Mixed] Dezzodigo 2:49
Vodka (Mixed) MsohDaDJ 1:54
Ree’s Vibe (Mixed) Griffit Vigo 2:33
Rude Boy / Werser (Mixed) Mr Eazi, ChopLife SoundSystem, AkiidMusiq 4:04
Umbulali (Mixed) Chustar 3:17
Where’s Your Father (Mixed) QUE DJ, DJ Lag 2:32
Delhi Distortion (Mixed) 3:03


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