DJ Lag & DJ Tira Drop Siyagroova

South Africa’s gqom artiste DJ Lag and DJ Tira drop “Siyagroova” just in time for the weekend.

It’s a meeting of two champions. The pair brings a number that we are confident will buzz across speakers all week. “Siyagroova” is a song for the grooves, a song that will free you from boredom near instantly.

Coming a day to the weekend, one can only smile and nod and look forward to an exhilarating weekend. Alone or in the company of friends, DJ Tira and DJ Lag’s collaborative tune will lift your spirit.

The “Siyagroova” tune drops amid a “weedy joke” on social media. DJ Tira had apparently had a grand time out with friends and helped himself to way too much weed. The picture of him in that state has provoked great hilarity online. Expectedly, the pictures have gone viral.

DJ Tira has managed to shrug of the “tragedy” and looks set to start blessing our ears again with fine music.

By the way DJ Lag was the news at the same time but for entirely different reasons. Apparently, the the American musician DJ Megan Ryte had copied DJ Lag’s song. DJ lag’s fans had found out and loudly denounced the American.

Well, say “Siyagroova”!

This file was removed on the 20th September, 2023 due to DMCA claims

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