DJ Lemonka – Petoria Ft. Blaklez & Pdot O

DJ Lemonka pay homage to his city of Pretoria”” in a new song featuring fellow South African and Pdot O.

The lead musician is a maestro of the decks and turntable but adept at dropping lyrical winners and alongside his pals.

His latest drop, “Pretoria,” is one of those lyrical winners you listen to and want to hear again. It’s good. The song will especially resonate with those who have lived in Pretoria or happen to fancy the place.

And for those who haven’t, Pretoria might be an intriguing destination to check out. Either way, the city wins.

From the song, it is clear DJ Lemonka picked his guests well. But and Pdot O did great on the number – beautiful complements to their compatriot.

Easily one of South African notables, appears to have slowed down a bit. All the same, there’s no doubting his appeal as a musician.

The same might be said of the other guest artist. Mzansi appears to be sleeping on Pdot O, but then it takes nothing from the champ: He remains a fine voice in South African music. Then, you’ve got to join him and his pals and have a blast.

DJ Lemonka – Petoria Ft. Blaklez & Pdot O

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