DJ Nomza The King – Tsonga Piano EP

DJ Nomza The King Unveils "Tsonga Piano EP"

An Amapiano Sensation that Resonates with Fans

In a move that has delighted Amapiano enthusiasts, DJ Nomza The King has dropped his much-anticipated EP titled “Tsonga Piano.” The release has been generating buzz across various music platforms, marking yet another significant milestone in the artist’s illustrious career.

The EP, which is available for streaming on YouTube, showcases DJ Nomza’s unique blend of traditional Tsonga rhythms with the contemporary Amapiano sound. This fusion not only pays homage to his roots but also introduces listeners to a fresh and innovative take on the popular South African genre.

One of the standout tracks from the EP has been identified as “Don’t Stress My Love,” which has already garnered significant attention and is poised to become a fan favorite. Other notable tracks include “Lowo Saseka” and “I’m Feeling Vibe,” both of which highlight DJ Nomza’s versatility and prowess as a producer.

The “Tsonga Piano EP” release comes at a time when Amapiano music is experiencing a surge in popularity, both within South Africa and internationally. DJ Nomza The King’s contribution to this genre is undeniable, and this latest offering is set to solidify his position as one of the leading figures in the Amapiano movement.

Music enthusiasts and fans of DJ Nomza are encouraged to check out the “Tsonga Piano EP” on YouTube and immerse themselves in the rich melodies and infectious beats that the artist has become renowned for.

Tsonga Piano EP


Duration Title Artist
5:51 Better Days (feat. Tebza De DJ) DJ NOMZA THE KING
5:31 Uwamina DJ NOMZA THE KING
4:37 Chicken Crying (feat. DJ Len) DJ NOMZA THE KING
5:33 U Huru Tribe DJ NOMZA THE KING


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