DJ Obza & Hights – Vumani

Imagine you’re hungry and food is cooking in the kitchen, but you have no clue when the cooks will be done. Then, out of the blue, someone offers you something from the kitchen to “hold belle” while the meal cooks. That would be a relief and a reason to smile, yes?

Anyway, that’s what’s played out right now, albeit in a different way. DJ Obza and pal Hights have a song titled “Vumani” in the works. But we have managed to get our hands on a leak of the song. So you can use it to assuage your hunger while awaiting the official release.

With DJ Obza on a beat, you can expect nothing short of fiery energy. And that’s what you get from the song in review. The songster and his associate have pout together a lyrical winner that we have no qualms introducing to y’alll.

You gotta start your Friday with it.

DJ Obza & Hights – Vumani

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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