DJ Smati – Bafo Remake Ft. Djy Pearslyy

It’s new music Monday as South Africa’s DJ Smati pops into our orbit with a new song titled “Bafo Remake,” featuring pal and associate Djy Pearslyy. It’s a meeting of two young voices, and they didn’t do badly, really. 

The lead singer is more of a TikTok voice. But the release of his latest jam is enough reason not to write him off as a one-platform wonder. 

Remakes and remixes, as we know them, give new lives to the originals before them. In some instances, the remakes and remixes beat the originals before them. 

Is that the care with DJ Smati’s latest drop? We would say the original resonates with us the most. But the remake isn’t bad either. 

“Bafo Remake” with Djy Pearslyy as the sole guest should make an I retesting addition to any playlist out there. The two singers share a great musical synergy that’s hard to miss. And beyond listening to them spit their bars here, it’s easy to hope to see them on another number. 

Until another drop, though, y’all are better off vibing to what’s already playing. This number is worth the playtime. So no qualms. Let the music begin if you please. Come on!

DJ Smati – Bafo Remake Ft. Djy Pearslyy

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