DJ Sox Drops Dreaming Feat. Dr Senzo, C Sharp And Argento Dust

DJ Sox releases "Dreaming" featuring Dr Senzo, C Sharp & Argento Dust

DJ Sox releases new song titled “Dreaming” featuring Dr Senzo, C Sharp & Argento Dust.

While many disc jockeys and artists are looking to make money with their music this lockdown, DJ Sox is all about making his fans happy. Of course that’s odd in a time like this but it’s a very laudable act.

The popular DJ previously started a challenge #DJSoxDreaming to find a good artwork design for his upcoming song “Dreaming”. He recently took to Instagram to announce @ankul_kaylow as the winner of the challenge. He also announced the release of the song featuring contributions from Dr Senzo, C Sharp and Argento Dust.

He revealed that the song would be available for free download via the link on his Instagram bio. The free download will only be available for two days after which the song will be released to streaming platforms on Monday. However, it is already out on iTunes.

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