DJ Tira – Singenzenjani ft. AmaTycooler, Big Nuz & Focus Magazi

DJ Tira's "Singenzenjani" Ignites Gqom Fever Across South Africa

AmaTycooler, Big Nuz & Focus Magazi Join Forces with DJ Tira in Explosive Collaboration.

In a groundbreaking fusion of talent, DJ Tira has unleashed “Singenzenjani,” a high-octane Gqom anthem featuring the dynamic synergy of AmaTycooler, Big Nuz, and Focus Magazi. This track is set to redefine the dance floor narrative with its pulsating beats and electrifying rhythm.

“Singenzenjani” delivers a raw and rhythmic experience that captures the essence of Gqom, a genre that has become synonymous with the vibrant dance culture of South Africa. DJ Tira, known for his ability to turn any tune into a dance hit, collaborates with AmaTycooler, Big Nuz, and Focus Magazi to create a track that encapsulates the spirit of celebration and unity through music.

The song is more than a dance track; it’s a cultural phenomenon that showcases the enduring appeal of Gqom and its place in the pantheon of South African music. “Singenzenjani” is not just heard; it’s felt, with every beat a heartbeat that resonates with the listener’s own rhythm.

Each contributing artist brings their unique flavor to the mix, with AmaTycooler’s infectious hooks, Big Nuz’s charismatic verses, and Focus Magazi’s lyrical prowess. Together, they elevate “Singenzenjani” into an anthem of strength, resilience, and the pure joy of music.

DJ Tira’s track has been met with critical acclaim and fan excitement, solidifying his status as a maestro of the genre. “Singenzenjani” promises to be a mainstay in clubs and on airwaves, heralding the timeless vitality of Gqom and its power to bring people together in dance and celebration.


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