DJ Tira & Xowla – Cela S’khulume Ft. Lwah Ndlunkulu

DJ Tira & Xowla – Cela S’khulume Ft. Lwah Ndlunkulu

A while back, South African musician DJ Tira shared a teaser of a song on his official Instagram page and bid fans to wait for the real thing by preordering the number. Well, the wait is over now and fans can immerse themselves in the world of that song, “Cela S’khulume.

This is not a solo drop but a joint tune with Xowla, with Lwah Ndlunkulu coming in as the sole guest. It is unclear what inspired the three to work together. However, the result is there for all to see – a song that is at once memorable and relatable. It can take you through the weekend.

Given the time the number was released, we guess that was the goal, after all – to give you a grand weekend without boredom intruding one way or the other. On the strength of this song, we see many people wanting to have DJ Tira, Xowla and Lwah Ndlunkulu together again.

Cela S’khulume

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