DJ Vino Links up with Kyotic for “Drop The Heat” Mix

Are y’all ready for the heat that will keep you warm all week and perhaps to the end of the month? Come on, then, the heat is here, delivered by no other than DJ Vino and DJ Kyotic.

These South African acts are perennially ablaze on the decks and turntables. In their latest mix, they bring the fires of their talents to whoever desires some musical warmth. Having made it to this post, we reckon you desire some warming. You will get it.

“The Heat” is the tag for DJ Vino’s mixing series which began recently. The mixing sessions incorporate works by some outstanding voices in South African music, from Nasty C to Big Zulu to…. You go ahead and add to the list.

Previously, DJ Vino had enlisted DJ Sliqe on “The Heat” mixing session and followed it up with a mix featuring Amanda Jiya. What you have here is the latest, and it is as engaging as previous mixes from the disc jockey and producer. This much should be apparent even on first listen.

We invite you to check it out and share in the effusion of lyrical energy that will keep you warm throughout the week. Listen to the mix below and let us know what you think.


John Israel A

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