DJ Yessonia – Ngifuna Wena Ft. Boohle

presents a new jam, “Ngifuna Wena,” featuring her associate Boohle. The title of the song says it all — or at least much of what follows.

The two pals explore a message all too familiar in the music universe: love and desire. Ladies speaking about their series is not particularly common in this part of the world. But we doubt anyone would mind what follows and the beauty of the execution.

and Boohle aren’t two people we know for a long collaborative history, but it is clear from their song in review that they’re great together.

Listening to them side by side is a great pleasure to the ears. To their credit, they invested their souls in their singing, and it’s pretty easy for the listener to get attached to their offering.

The weekend is almost here, and we have no qualms counting this song among the numbers to be e joyed this weekend and beyond. The lyrics are liberating and will make you appreciate what it is like not just to love but also to be loved.

Find a space for this number in your playlist and run with its energy. Your will thank you for that.

DJ Yessonia – Ngifuna Wena Ft. Boohle

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