Doggface & Snoop Dogg Drop 420 Jam

Doggface & Snoop Dogg Drop 420 Jam

It isn’t all the time that Doggface and Snoop Dogg will be found on the same song. So a number from them will understandably be of great interest to the public. And that’s the case right now.

The two famous faces have a 420 joint for you all alongside Klypso’s “Low Rider.” The song comes with a music video.

Doggface is more of a skateboarder than a musician. However, this isn’t the first time he’s been recorded singing. Back in 2020, in a video shared on Tik Tok, he was caught singing “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac.

Two years later, Doggyface has made his rap debut alongside one of the most famous names in the game. Interestingly, both musicians flowed beautifully in their first collaborative work.

Some fans have joked that the collaborative success stems from the sheer similarity in their adopted stage names. While we do not buy the same narrative, we can tell you for free that the two musicians have put out a winner.

With this number playing, it’s easy to forget that Snoop Dogg is currently one of the biggest names in the world’s NFT space.

Let the music begin, then. You can’t go wrong vibing to the “Doggs.”