DrumeticBoyz Are “Frank” About Their New Song

DrumeticBoyz release new song "Frank"

DrumeticBoyz come through with a brand new song titled “Frank”.

Joburg’s very own DrumeticBoyz are out to take over this season. You may not know it but they’re putting in so much work and it is certainly paying off. All that work is evident in their brand new offering which is a whole mood.

The House music duo have been around for sometime, enough to know them to be excellent at what they do. We have received amazing offerings from their stables including the hard hitting “Drumetic Days”, “DB Master”, and much more. For all we know, there’s a store house of beautifully crafted tunes in their basement from which they release amazing tunes back to back.

Their newest offering is called “Frank”. As usual, we can’t complain about this new one. It is work well done by the talented duo and we can’t help but to give them a thumbs up for it.

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