DrumeticBoyz Goes “Bang Bang” On New Release

DrumeticBoyz deliver new song "Bang Bang"

DrumeticBoyz take the airwaves by storm with new song “Bang Bang”.

Take a minute and observe, there’s something happening on the airwaves right now, and it is all orchestrated by the DrumeticBoyz. The talented duo are making a buzz on the airwaves with their new music and there’s absolutely no hiding from them.

The Joburg-originated duo have been kicking it hard with their music for a few years now. This year, they have truly outdone themselves maybe more than ever with better music thanĀ  the ones they previously released. We previously saw them deliver the stunner, “Frank” which has been received by fans with arms open wide.

They hit the scene with this new one titled “Bang Bang”. Only from the title, you should know how much or an absolute banger this is. The two deliver awesomeness to the airwaves once more. We can’t wait to see what more they have in store.

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