Dua Lipa On Tour, Brings “Future Nostalgia” To An Uncertain World

“Future Nostalgia” is not exactly something coming in the future. It’s musical ecstasy delivered here and now for the listening pleasure of the general public.

We’re still in the COVID-19 era as we know it. The coming of that novel virus provoked massive disruptions across industries in the world. It also led to the deferment of the tour the American songstress had planned to promote her “Future Nostalgia” project.

Released on 27 March 2020 by Warner Records, this body of work bears 13 tracks in all, beginning with an eponymous track (not surprising) and ending on a “Fever” note.

It’s a personal affair and that’s only in the sense that the songstress almost walked the music alone, except for the co-opting of DaBaby on track 12. In all the project plays for just 43 minutes.

As you probably already know, releasing an is one thing, performing it is a different ball game altogether. And that’s the case with “Future Nostalgia.”

In the album, Dua Lipa gave the listener -stopping music that’s at once relatable and memorable. If you should ask us, though, we’d say her performance of the project, as part of its promotion, at the Madison Square Garden in New York is sans the thunder of the album.

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