Dwson – A Tape For You EP

South Africa’s Dwson is back at it again with “A Tale For You,” his third studio album.

Dwson has not looked back since the publishing of his debút EP, Luna, in 2017. He’s gone on to release four EPs since then, putting out two in the same year, namely Griqua and Hezekiah. Prior to that, he had already released two albums, back to back, one dropping in 2018 (Impulsiv) and the other the succeeding year (Say Less).

The new project, “A Tale For You” features eight tracks and guest appearances from a couple of artists like Julian Gomes, Atjazz, Apple Gule, Ed-Ward and SGVO. Of course an artist wouldn’t continue pumping out new music and projects if the content isn’t being well-received which says a lot about Dwson’s music which stays garnering quite the fanbase for an up-and-coming act.

You might want to spare some of your time this weekend to go stream the new LP now available on all streaming platforms.

Dwson – A Tape For You


  1. Dwson & Jullian Gomes – Lover
  2. Dwson – You & Me
  3. Dwson & Atjazz – Weightless
  4. Dwson & Hyenah – The Silence Ft. Apple Gule
  5. Dwson – Fika
  6. Dwson – Valentina
  7. Dwson & Ed-Ward – Redemption
  8. Dwson & SGVO – Alcatraz
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