Dzo 729 & Tumza D’Kota – Love & Affection (Main Mix)

Dzo 729 and Tumza D’Kota link up to unleash “Love & Affection (Main Mix)” on the world, and one can only nod at their message.

The title of the song might strike you as drab, but the song itself isn’t. That shouldn’t surprise you if you’re conversant with the artistes behind the song and their works.

At a time when anarchy seems to be blowing up everywhere, and hate and terror reign, this song is just what the world needs.

Dzo 729 & Tumza D’Kota are not only fine partners, they have created a jam that should be on the playlist of anyone who values harmony and also looks forward to a good time, whether they are with a lover or just to themselves.

“Love & Affection (Main Mix)” is among the favorite release – or rather shares – today. The reason for this should be apparent to you presently. You only have to listen.

Although it’s a real battle finding a slew of Dzo 729 and Tumza D’Kota collaborations, we have no qualms saying the pait ought to link up again and drop something just as engaging as their song in review. Until then, we invite you to join us as we vibe to what’s playing. Yes?

Dzo 729 & Tumza D’Kota – Love & Affection (Main Mix)

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